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Home Based Child Care

A Quality Child Care Service

This unique service offers quality childcare in a family setting. We carefully approve, match and train the home providers.

Our service is offered to families throughout the West Nipissing and Sudbury East regions. We serve children from birth to twelve years of age. We offer French and English programs.

The Provider can offer services for up to six children, which permits more quality time. The daily routine includes arts and crafts, educational activities, outdoor activities, nutritious snacks and meals, as well as a rest period.

The hours and days of care can be flexible depending on the provider’s hours of operation.

The Home Visitor conducts spontaneous and scheduled visits in the home. Ongoing support is available to parents and providers to ensure quality care is offered.

The West Nipissing Child Care Corporation’s mission is to meet the needs of all the children and families in their care.

Our philosophy promotes the child’s social, emotional, cognitive and global development.

All children are Competent, Curious, Capable and Rich in Potential!

Financial assistance is available for families who qualify.

Telephone: 705-753-3297
Email :



Children from birth to 18 months (Infants)
Full day (6 hours – 10 hours)$20.79
Half day with lunch (2 – 6 hours)$16.07
Special Fees
Hourly rate (maximum of 2 hours)$10.00
+10hrs – 18hrs care (includes 2 snacks, 2 meals)$23.15
+18hrs – 23.5hrs (all meals included)$25.99
Children 18 months to 30 months (Toddlers)
Full day (6 hours – 10 hours)$17.95
Half day with lunch (2 – 6 hours)$15.59
Special Fees
Hourly rate (maximum of 2 hours)$10.00
+10hrs – 18hrs care (includes 2 snacks, 2 meals)$22.21
+18hrs – 23.5hrs (all meals included)$25.51
Children from 30 months to 5 years old (Preschool/JK SK)
Full day (6 hours – 10 hours)$17.01
Half day with lunch (2 – 6 hours)$14.65
Before & After school$12.00
Before school$9.00
After school$11.00
Special Fees
Hourly rate (maximum of 2 hours)$10.00
+10hrs – 18hrs care (includes 2 snacks, 2 meals)$20.79
+18hrs – 23.5hrs (all meals included)$24.57
Children from 6 to 12 years old (School Age)
Full day (6 hours – 10 hours)$37.00
Half day with lunch (2 – 6 hours)$32.00
Before & After school$22.00
Before school$10.00
After school$12.00
Special Fees
Hourly rate (maximum of 2 hours)$10.00
+10hrs – 18hrs care (includes 2 snacks, 2 meals)$45.00
+18hrs – 23.5hrs (all meals included)$53.00

The fees established are for each child using the service for that day.

Additional fees will be added for:

  • Weekend care services.
  • Parents who pick up their children after the provider’s closing time.
  • There will be a thirty (30) day notice to parents if there are any changes in the fees.
  • A receipt will be issued at the end of the year for income tax purposes.
  • A minimum increase of one percent (1%) increase in fees will be made to the rates each year unless otherwise determined.

Do you love children?
Do you have access to a private residence?
We need you!

This is a home business opportunity for you, to earn an income, in the comfort of your own home, with your family. Here are some advantages:

  • Receive on-going support from the Home Visitor (throughout the process of opening your Home Child Care Program and every day.) to comply with Ministry of Education guidelines.
  • Lending of Play-Based materials and equipment.
  • You determine your own hours and days of operation.
  • Parents can access childcare at a lower cost due to the Agency opting-in the Canada Wide Early Learning Child Care (CWELCC)
  • Parents who qualify, have access to subsidies.
  • The Agency receives the Parent fees.
  • The provider pay is deposited directly into your bank account.
  • Eligible for Wage enhancement of $10/day (if services are offered less than 6 hours a day) or $20/day (if services are offered 6 hours or more a day)
  • Professional development, training and networking opportunities.
  • The Home-Visitor is also able to replace the Provider, for you the attend appointments.

Looking for home daycare in…

Sturgeon Falls, Cache Bay, Verner, Field, River Valley, Warren, St-Charles, Noëlville, Hagar, Markstay, Alban.

Call today! (705) 753-3297
For more information call Carole or e-mail

Home Based Child Care Service

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