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All children, parents, providers, volunteers and students are Competent, Capable of Complex Thinking, Curious and Rich in Potential.

All educators, providers, volunteers and students in our centers or premises:

  • Ensure the environment of the program provides high-quality experiences for the children and their families.
  • Promote the foundations of How Does Learning Happen? Belonging, Engagement, Expression and Well-Being.
  • Build positive and responsive relationships.
  • Focus on children’s social, emotional, physical, creative and cognitive development.
  • Provide environments where children learn through exploration, play and inquiry.
  • Encourage self-reflection, discussion and ongoing collaboration and learning among educators.
  • Engage with families, and value their strengths, contributions and unique perspectives.
  • Use pedagogical documentation to study, interpret, make visible and help inform children’s learning and development.
  • Ensure safe and secure environments.
  • Adhere to the guidelines of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of registered Early Childhood Educators in Ontario.
  • Work closely and attend training offered by Early Years Pedagogical leaders from different school boards, DNSSAB, the Ministry of Education , the West Nipissing Child Care Corporation…
  • Read, sign and adhere to all West Nipissing Child Care Corporation, DNSSAB and the Ministry of Education’s policies and procedures.
  • Have access to the West Nipissing Child Care Corporation Stepping Stone Program-Inclusion Support Program.
  • Recognize that each child and family are unique in their culture, traditions, languages, beliefs and values.
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